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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Monkeys On My Face - Eye Contact

Get The Look, but what is the Motive?
Politicians want to retain or gain supporters, James Bond, needs to dominate a given situation to stay alive and complete his mission.
You and I ?
I am not American and live in Europe, the work ethic is very different here, if you require a fuller understanding I suggest "The European Dream: How Europe's Vision of the Future Is Quietly Eclipsing the American Dream" by Jeremy Rifkin. Basically humanity is put before personal achievement.
So what is my motive for looking into somebody's eyes, maybe to it's to find out if the girl I'm having lunch with will have sex with me? I think not, if that was 'my' desire even the three minute look would only reveal that she is comfortable around me. Chris Rock will tell you that a woman knows in the first moment if she is going to sleep with you, she only hoping that you don't say anything stupid to break the deal.
Our daily objectives require, little eye contact, when we need something we get results - we haven't forgotten how to be human beings. We make eye contact with our neighbour to feel better about where we live, we make eye contact to get served in a bar, we can make eye contact as a survival technique, crossing a road, look into the drivers' eyes if he doesn't see you he'll hit you!
Let's not make contact with strangers with out motive, if you have been to NY or any other city this is a dangerous game you will just annoy that other person, even if you say hello or I thought I knew you.
'What you looking at!?' will be the reply or As they say here in Spain ¿QuĂ© pasa tengo monos en la cara?!

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